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Terms of Use

Buyer-Seller Sales Term Agreement
1. The purchaser of digitally prepared Art files through the Internet site agrees that CRA's standard payment terms are due at the time of the requested services. Open account clients through FTP services standard payment terms are net ten (10) days from the date of the file transfer/ delivery. All invoices are considered past due after such date.
2. No other credit terms or condition of purchase orders super cede or, amend from, the terms of this Buyer-Seller agreement unless mutually agreed on in writing by both parties.
3. If any invoices are not paid within the term period, the purchaser agrees to pay all unpaid past due invoice balances WITH INTEREST. The ANNUAL RATE OF INTEREST IS NOT, TO EXCEED 1 1/2% PER MONTH (18% PER ANNUM) OR THE HIGHEST RATE PERMITTED BY APPLICABLE LAW, WHICHEVER IS LESS.
4. The purchaser agrees to pay a service charge of $25.00 for each payment transaction that is returned or charged backed to CameraReadyArt.com.
5. Any invoice not paid on demand, the purchaser agrees to pay all reasonable attorneys fees, court costs or any other collection expense and further agrees that California law will govern any dispute, without resort to the conflict of law principles of such state.
6. All claims or adjustments from invoiced amounts must accompany invoice payment and be detailed in writing. CameraReadyArt.com will not allow any claims for deductions more than fifteen (15) days after the date of the file delivery.
Full refunds are eligible for orders which are canceled the same day for which we receive them. The cancellation request must be made by e-mail to artdept@camerareadyart.com and be for non-same-day service orders.
Once we begin working on the order it can no longer be canceled. Should you find an error or need something changed we can make a correction or a revision to your order.
A correction is if we made a mistake on your order or if there is a minor revision which is part of the original request.
A revision is if we are asked to do work on the order that is new and not part of the original instructions for the order.
Standard Vector Art Conversion and Digitizing Orders:
Power Club:
If after your first 2 orders since becoming a Power Club member you are not satisfied and no longer plan to continue working with us, you are entitled to are refund on the membership minus any savings received as a member. Once a 3rd order has been submitted members are no longer eligible for a refund on their Power Club Membership.
Membership is valid for 1 year from the date of joining. You always have the option to renew and we do not auto-renew anyone.
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