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Artwork Services

To create a job, you need to register and create an account online. Once you have an account, log in and then create a job by selecting the type of job (basic logo, design layout, complex artwork, etc.) and the type of service.

We accept all types of file formats, jpeg, gif, tiff, bmp, ai, eps, doc, ppt, cdr, psd, pdf, faxes, scans, hand drawn sketches, product samples. You can directly upload the electronic files to the website or fax in your artwork. You can also mail product samples and we can create camera ready artwork from those samples.

Once your job is completed you will receive an email notification from our website notifying that your job is complete.

We can return camera ready artwork in most common file formats that you need. Eps, ai, cdr, pdf, psd, tiff, jpeg, gif, bmp.

When your art job is completed we always send out an automated e-mail notifying you that it’s been completed. You can also download your art from that e-mail. Sometimes though, these e-mails get blocked by spam filters and you may not know your art order is completed. One advantage of having an account with us is that you have 24 hour access to your account to not only submit orders, but to check the status of your order and to download it directly from your account as well. So next time you are wondering where your order may be, try checking your account. If it’s not there, please call or e-mail us at 888-956-6006 or [email protected]

2 Ways:

  1. There is a "Finance" button you can click on the home page once you’ve logged into your account. In this section, you can download all invoices/receipts for orders including your Power Club Membership receipt.
  2. If you can’t find what you’re looking for there, you can also e-mail our accounting department at [email protected].

To submit an order you will need to go to the home page of our website: camerareadyart.com and enter your username and password for your account in the Member’s Login section. Once logged into your account there will be a link for Upload/Submit a job which you will click on. You will then have the option of submitting a vector art job, a digitizing job or a virtual sample job. Once you select the type of job you need, you will fill out the order form including uploading the art you wish for us to convert. Once you submit your order you will go to a job confirmation page which will detail your order. Once received this way we will start working on your order.

Yes we do. A large amount of our daily business is creating art from scratch or redesigning an old design. Whether it’s creating a new logo from scratch or designing the art for a special event T-shirt, we can do it and do it well. The process for submitting a custom/creative job is the same as with submitting a vector art job. If you have been quoted ahead of time you can mention your quote in the comments/instructions box of the order form. If not we will review your order and quote you first. We will not move forward with the order or the charge without your approval.

After you’ve worked with us for a while you will have a better idea of the difference between the cost for a type 1 job and a type 2, 3 or 4 job. Even still, whether it’s your first job or 1000th job with us, you can always select a type 1 job and if it’s going to be anything higher than that, we will quote you first asking for your approval and we will not move forward on it without your approval.

If there is a mistake that we have made or something small that needs adjusting on an order, you can either send an e-mail detailing what you need fixed/changed to [email protected] including the job # or log into your account on our website and click on fix/revise a job, choose whether you’re submitting a correction or a revision, then select the job which needs correcting and type in what you need changed and submit.

You may need some additional work done to an order or have a mistake that needs correcting. A correction is for when we make a mistake or if you need a minor adjustment made to a completed order. There is no charge for a correction. A revision is when you need new work done to a completed order and what you are requesting was not in the original job submission. Revisions are done for a fee, but it is at a reduced rate versus doing a brand new order.

We currently do not take PayPal, but will shortly, stay tuned.

Yes, you will notice "https" in our website which means our website encrypts all it’s information to keep your information secure and to protect your privacy.

We have 3 ways to submit a quote request to us:

  1. E-mail the art and a description of what you need done to [email protected]
  2. Click on our “Request a Free Quote” link from our website, fill out the quote request form.
  3. Go to submit an order, but look for the “Quote First: Yes or No” and click Yes. Even though you will be filling out an order and entering in your credit card information, we will not process any charge until you have approved the quote. If you do not approve the quote, we will cancel out the order and no charge will be made.

Our system can only charge once per job #. If you submitted a correction and receive e-mails for acceptance and job completed that show a charge this is referencing the original charge for the order. No new charge has been added. A revision job will have a different job number than the job it is a revision for and therefore will carry a separate charge.

Yes we can, but in order to convert a photograph into vector art we would need to redraw it. In doing so the image will no longer look like a photo, but rather a digitally drawn representation of the photograph.

From the moment we receive your order we can complete some vector jobs within 1 hour and most within 4-8 hours. This type of rush carries a rush fee of $20. You can always check with us first to see how quickly we can complete your order and we will let you know right away.

Digitizing jobs can be completed for same-day service as well for $20 extra. The quickest a digitizing job can be completed for same day is 2 hours and most within 4-8 hours when you are in a rush.

Yes, a whole lot actually. We provide work for virtual samples, creative artwork, design brochures, flyers, business cards, letter head/envelopes, catalogs, eCatalogs, ebooks, emagazines, website design and programming, mobile apps and a whole lot more.

AI, EPS and CDR. And you can have all 3 plus other non vector file types like PSD, PDF, GIF, etc. at no extra cost.

.dst, .emb, .exp, .pxf, .Tajima, .pec, .pes, .pcs, .jan, .jef, .hus

We do have a good amount of stock images. We are not able to provide it to you as a library to browse through, but if you let us know what type of image you are looking for, we will check our database to see if we have what you are looking for.

In order to submit an order you must agree to our Terms & Conditions which state: CameraReadyArt.com strives for 100% accuracy. However, it is the responsibility of our customer to proof all final artwork and to ensure legal image usage rights. If an error is made we will correct it right away at no additional charge. Orders can only be canceled or fully refunded if the cancellation request is e-mailed to [email protected] the same day the order is submitted by 5pm PST and if it is not for a same-day service job. Same-day service jobs cannot be canceled/refunded after submitted.

You must check the "I Agree" check box on the order form for each order in order to proceed with your job. Thank you.

All artwork completed by CameraReadyArt.com belongs to the owner/originator of the artwork. CRA will not reproduce or disseminate any member's artwork without prior written approval from the owner/originator.

In addition, all information and artwork sent to CRA, in both print and electronic medium, is confidential and under no circumstances will be used or shared with any other company, including our own entities, for any purpose.

All images, photographs, and digital art may be subject to copyright or trademark. Although CRA reproduces artwork, it is the responsibility of our members to obtain all usage rights and to abide by all intellectual property laws.
Design Services

  1. Quality
    CameraReadyArt.com's designers are some of the best in the business!
  2. Price
    We research our competitors to see where we stand on price, and we guarantee that we're the lowest price around.
  3. Efficiency
    You will see your initial compositions in 48 hours (2 business days).

Yes. CameraReadyArt.com is able to provide quality design services because all interaction occurs over the Internet. Projects are started online and the compositions are displayed on your personal project page when they are ready. CameraReadyArt.com specialists are also available via email and toll free at 888.956.6006.

Your business image, and all marketing collateral pieces, will have much to do with how your customers think and feel about your business.

Quality marketing pieces give your business an immediate air of professionalism. Even if your business is new or less established, a customer will often go with company that looks most professional.

Every business eventually competes with others. Unique and professional designs will help your customers distinguish your products and services and help them remember who you are.

Call us toll free at:
888.956.6006 (M-F, 8:00AM-5:00PM PST)
Web Solutions

Yes. Pictures are an important part of any website. It gives the site some depth and can help personalize your business.

Custom Graphics are any images that you want us to create from scratch, or any images that you want us to modify the appearance of. The charge for this service varies. Please ask for pricing. We do not charge for cropping an image, changing the file size, or brightness. Most of the time, if you supply an image there are no additional charges.

CameraReadyArt.com can submit your website to search engines for a small fee, to be determined by the number of search engines you want to submit your site to.

CameraReadyArt.com offers a variety of solutions to get more traffic to your web site. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will be discussed at the appropriate time should you want help in this area.

There is no magic in getting your site to rank well on search engines. Good search engine ranking is complicated because there are many small things that need to be done to make your website "search engine friendly". Our Search Engine Optimization services can help you with this. For most small businesses, this service is inexpensive and will easily pay for itself.

Website tracking, search engine submissions, website stats, and other promotional tools are available on all website designed by CameraReadyArt.com.

After your website is submitted to search engines, it can take anywhere from 2 weeks, to several months to have your site included. At this time, any incoming links to your site will usually not yet be counted and may take an additional 2 weeks to several months for this to happen. The bottom line is a well-promoted, new site can still take a while to rank well on most search engines. There are other alternatives that can get your site on some major search engines a lot faster. If you have a website that needs to be online and searchable fast it is possible to complete this task in as little as 24-48 hours. There are additional fees associated with such services.
Power Club Membership

The Power Club Membership is a discount program where you receive cheaper pricing and faster service than non-members on all that we do. The fee to join is $100 and for joining you will receive your first order up to $50 for free. There is no contract or monthly fee. Your membership is valid for 1 year and you always have the option to renew; we do not auto-renew anyone. For more specifics on the membership discount, please visit our Power Club page here:https://www.camerareadyart.com/advertising-artwork-power-club.aspxThere is also a money back guarantee on the membership fee. If you join and it is your first time working with us and you are unhappy with the first job we provide you after and if you have given us at least 1 chance to correct it, then you can receive a refund on the membership fee minus any discounts received by being a member.

If you are not completely satisfied after your first couple of orders, you can receive a refund on the membership minus any discounts received.

Your membership is valid for a full 12 months from the date you join or renew. Example: If you join/renew on 1/2/2021, then your membership will expire on 1/3/2022.

The cost to join the Power Club membership is $100. You always have the option to renew each year as your membership will not auto-renew.

You can renew through your account on our website in the Power Club section or contact us by phone or email to join or renew.

Payment can be made through our online system or over the phone using your Visa, Amex or MasterCard.

Any company big or small, old or new can join as CAMERAReadyArt welcomes growing, ambitious distributors, suppliers and decorators of all sizes to join our Power Club membership.