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With 20+ years of small and large scale transformation experience spread over a spectrum of domains, CAMERAReadyArt got capabilities to strategize and implement end-to-end digital transformation aimed at operation excellence. Our process includes in-depth study of code reusability, current pain areas, migration objectives, user expectations etc to formulate the right migration plan. What we provide is a powerful, secure and adaptive methodology to shift towards a new and better digital ecosystem for data, process, users, server, mobility and analytics, without disturbing existing data integrity, workflows, and processes.


Our Services

Application Modernization

Overcome the challenges of your legacy application through migration and re-engineering. We simplify challenging business complexities within systems, technology and infrastructure.

Platform Re-engineering

Platform migration may involve conventional needs of legacy migration or modern day selection of a new integrated platform for CRM, CMS, ERP or data management.

Process Automation

Harness the power of technology to automate repetitive manual tasks. Integration of automation software with artificial intelligence can reinvent your work-flows and technology dependency.

Systems Integration

Transform business by adopting new technologies and consolidating processes in CRM, ERP, CMS and other business applications. We ensure a seamless integration maintaining data integrity and security.

Cloud Migration

Reap the benefits of significant cost reduction through cloud migration. We help define a creation or migration strategy to effortlessly meet your organization’s cloud implementation objectives.

Digitalized Operations

Reengineer your existing digital ecosystem to be fast paced, secure and scalable. We can help strategize a bespoke migration plan specific to your enterprise’s unique needs and challenges.

How It Works

Our Process


Technical Assessment

The project kicks-off with business research, its pain-areas, scope of enhancement and identifying different stakeholders. It helps us define the project workflow, technology stack, timeline and cost.


Planning & Prototyping

We define the project roadmap, features needed, UI/UX, 3rd party integrations. High-fidelity prototypes check on feasibility of your migration in the long-run from different user perspectives.


Coding & Launch

Experienced front-end and back-end developers working in Agile sprints help us deliver an MVP. Our QA teams eradicate bugs in realtime and make sure it works as intended. With that task accomplished, it’s time to launch.


Our Expertise

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Why CRA Matters


From idea to implementation, our team can handle the complete migration process effectively. We’re experts in consulting, app architecture, UI/UX and development, enabling us to execute innovative simple and enterprise level migrations.


We empower our clients with secure and scalable migration methodologies using futuristic and emerging technologies like Python, MongoDB, Angular, React, Node.js etc to simplify complex business workflows.


Streamline business operations and processes fulfilling the end goal of achieving business efficiency and effectiveness. Made specific to a business purpose, process and pain areas, a well-thought migration strategy can fulfill key challenges and achieve targeted goals.


Since the last two decades, we have built a profound expertise in strategic digital transformation, alongside strategic growth consulting and data-driven analytical solutions, to serve growing businesses and industry leaders.

& Secure

Our enterprise transformation delivers increased accuracy and productivity that fasttrack business growth. Our secured infrastructure and methodologies ensure your systems and data remain invulnerable against cyber threats.


Professional project management teams are available by phone or email during the client's timezone to assist on all your web projects or address any issues in real time without email back and forth.

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Engagement Models

Balancing cost and timeline against project scope is a customary challenge for every IT business and enterprise. The success formula is a delicate equilibrium among cost, time and scope plus a robust working model between the client and the company. CAMERAReadyArt offers tailor-made, flexible engagement models which are easily scalable to suit diverse sets of technology and industry domains. Each of the following engagement models are built round specific business-preferences and aim to increase production capacities and efficiencies.


An enterprise level engagement model allowing clients to build their own extended virtual team by selecting highly-skilled technical resources committed to function as an extension of in-house team. This model allows our partners an ability to control the team 100% and define their priorities, all without worrying about operation challenges like recruitment, training, infrastructure, administration etc. This model works best for long term collaboration to manage multiple projects and for long-term projects that begin from scratch.

Why Dedicated:
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Easy to scale up production
  • No training & retention challenges
  • Multiple development projects possible
  • Flat-monthly, quarterly pricing models
  • Your extended virtual team
  • Save infrastructure building time & cost
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The perfect engagement model for a well-defined project with defined deliverables within specified budget and timeline. This model works best for urgent small and mid-size design and development projects, where companies want to lower the development cost and expect hassle-free project execution. The pricing in this model is determined based on the quantum of work needed and time-frame expected; and the price can’t be modified post project approval.

Why Fixed:
  • Best for fixed scope projects
  • Minimal level of supervision required
  • Transparent project execution
  • No hidden costs; pay what you committed
  • Dedicated project lead
  • No long term commitment
  • Save infrastructure building time & cost
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The best pick for the projects with ongoing support, maintenance and enhancement needs where the iterations are frequent and uncommon. This model allows companies to have access to highly-skilled technical teams on an hourly, daily or weekly basis. This model suits well the mid-sized, complex, and long-term projects mostly with inconsistent workflow, high testing and refinement needs. The pricing in this model is determined based on the understanding of a particular work assignment, not the entire project.

Why Evolving:
  • Start with minimal commitment
  • No fixed costs, pay as you go
  • Access to a multi-functional team
  • Dedicated point of contact
  • Easy to adapt project specifications
  • Multiple development projects possible
  • Save infrastructure building time & cost
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