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Camera Ready Art provides you all supplier art information at your fingertips. No more searching for hundreds of email addresses or websites. We provide links to all major supplier art departments and the specific instructions needed to send them your art files, all at the click of a button. (sm)Art Links is your door to all supplier art departments. UPIC

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Promotional Products Association International Promotional Products Association International
ASI Central ASI Central
Specialty Advertising Association of California Specialty Advertising Association of California
Specialty Advertising Association of Greater New York

Specialty Advertising Association of Greater New York

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Artwork Info
Possible – Convert a Photograph into Vector file using Line Art/Illustration.
Possible – Create Vector art from Embroidered Logo.
Possible – Create Vector art from Napkins, Faxes, Hand Drawn Sketch and more.
Possible – Color Separations on Spot Colors with or without Halftones Artwork as long as colors are countable.
Not Possible – Convert a Photograph in to Vector Art as Photograph.
Not Possible – Increase DPI of a Photograph.
Not Possible – Color Separations on 4-Color Process Artwork or Black and White Artwork.
Difference between Black and White, Black and White with Halftones, Spot Colors with Halftons and Spot colors Without Halftones and 4-Color Process (CMYK) and RGB
Black and White – Art files using only 100% Black and White colors.
Black and White with Halftones – Art files using Black and White colors with gradient or gray colors.
Colors without Halftones – Art files with Spot Colors and a specific color that is faded or a gradient of that color.
Colors with Halftones – Art files with 100% of a specific color or colors.
(4-ColorProcess) – is a mixture of the colors Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black and has percentages of those different colors, not solid colors. Almost all artwork can be created using CMYK, except, RGB cannot be converted into CMYK.
RGB – is a mixture of the colors Red, Green, and Blue and has percentages of those different colors, not solid colors. These are usually lighter colors then what are in CMYK. Photoshop Files are always in RGB Colors.
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