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In-depth promo-products industry experience coupled with a unique creative vision and tech savvy approach has enabled CAMERAReadyArt to offer all-inclusive Art and Order Processing services. The process starts with deciphering purchase orders and customer emails, creating virtual proofs for end-clients’ approval and creating production-ready artwork and digitizing embroidery. We ensure a seamless coordination among client, end-client and the supplier or decorator, making each order fulfilled on time, with minimum execution costs and hassle-free operations. Result is, our clients experienced an average reduction of 25%-35% in operational costs involved directly with order entry, art, proof production and client management.


Our Services

Production-ready Artwork

Convert your raster images into high-quality and print-ready format that will print perfectly on your chosen promo product.

Digitizing for Embroidery

Embroidery ready digitizing tapes made with the minimum stitches required and the correct density, trims and fabric-specific methods.

Virtual Proofs

Virtual proofs made with the highest precision ensuring accurate representation on the product ensuring smooth production flow.

Production Proofs

Production proofs for suppliers and decorators with consideration for imprint area, font size, positive vs. negative lines and more.

Manage Purchase Orders

Deciphering purchase orders to check and confirm order information, and seeking further clarification for any missing details.

Manage Order Entries

Connect securely to your order management system and seamlessly enter each order received accurately within 24 hours or less.

Manage Pricing Updates

Coordination between customer and supplier in case of any price changes and/or inventory updates.

Generate Invoices

Post order fulfillment, generate customer invoice and verify pricing based on the original quote along with supplier and shipper invoices.

Manage Quotations

Create new customers in the database and provide estimates considering suppliers’ pricing and set-up charges.

Order Confirmation

Facilitate order confirmation for both the end customer and supplier; ensuring sending complete details for the order.

Virtual Proof Approval

Communicating with the end customer seeking their approval on virtual proofs sent and confirming order with supplier.

Order Completion/Status Checks

Keeping track of the order status with the supplier and/or decorator and keep updating the end customer.


Why CRA Matters


Our robust experience made us the most dependable service partner to deliver quality service, cost benefits and hassle-free operations.


12-24 hours standard processing time for your art and orders with same day rush service available at no extra cost.


Processing orders directly into clients’ ERP systems connected through secured networks, backed up by strict SLA terms.


A dedicated team of experienced process executives long tenured with us, ready to learn and adapt your systems and preferences.


Tailor-made approach to handle your business specific patterns and preferences, improving cost, speed and quality.


Best, affordable pricing models guaranteeing savings on operations overheads, infrastructure and hiring cost.


Easy to scale up your operation capacity and efficiency by off-loading back-office operational activities.


US based support team aligned with an offshore delivery centre to efficiently manage complicated order processes and sizable artwork volume.

we've got you covered

Engagement Models

Balancing cost, quality and delivery time is a customary challenge for every promotional products distributor, supplier and decorator. CAMERAReadyArt offers flexible artwork and creative design pricing models that include a single-use, bundled and volume-based dedicated art-teams as a solution. Each of the following engagement models are built around specific business-preferences and aim to increase production capacities and efficiency.


Professional, high-quality Artwork and Creative design services available on-demand. Our proprietary cloud-based order workflow suite enables our clients to quickly place their orders, request revisions and corrections, download and store orders.

This model allows companies to have access to highly-skilled artists and designers. The pricing in this model is determined based on the creative or non-creative requisites of the order and the turn-around-time required.

Why Prepaid:
  • Pay per order or buy a package
  • Dedicated support team
  • Standard 24 hour or less and rush 4 hour delivery
  • CRA-defined workflow
  • CRA-defined delivery model
  • Off-load artwork overflow
  • Power Club members and special partners pricing
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Hiring, training, and retraining is a constant challenge faced by most art departments. With increasing staffing overheads and demanding customers, it's become problematic to control production, quality output and cost of the production at the same time.

CAMERAReadyArt provides you with your very own dedicated team of highly skilled and experienced artists. An extension of your staff all at your fingertips allowing for substantial savings, controlled production and scalable work-force availability.

Why Dedicated:
  • Pay a flat-price or per month
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Standard 12 hour and 4 hour rush delivery
  • Client-defined workflow
  • Client-specific delivery model
  • Scale up artwork production
  • Flat-price model and monthly, bi-monthly pricing
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Be one of 94% of our valued customers who join and benefit from our Power Club membership on each and every order!

The Power Club membership is a discount program with us, not a contract. Once a member, you will receive discounted pricing and faster service on all that we provide. Here are just a few of the benefits you will receive as a Power Club Member:

  • 1 FREE Job Every Month
    (Get one type 1 vector redraw job FREE every month, for 12 months)
  • $17.95 $10 Simple Vector Redraw
    Get $17.95 OFF on every simple vector art order with same-day RUSH delivery (non-member pricing is $27.95)
  • $14.95 $12 per 5k Stitches Digitizing
    Get $7.95 OFF on standard 5k digitizing jobs with next-business day delivery (non-member pricing is $19.95)
  • $9.95 $8 Virtual Sample/Proof
    Get $11.95 OFF on every virtual sample/proof order with next-day delivery (non-member pricing is $19.95)
  • $50 Design Credit
    Receive a $50 credit toward your next creative project and let our experienced designers help create a new logo, social media cover, look book, presentation, and so much more

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