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CAMERAReadyArt provides high quality digitizing tapes for embroidery through experienced digitizers who understand embroidery production challenges like thread breaks, fabric density, bobbin and needle problems. We provide digitized files in DST, EMB and PDF formats that run smoothly on most of the embroidery machines within required stitches, minimum thread breaks and color changes. Embroidery Machines which support these formats are Tajima, Barudan, Brother and more. Our lightning-fast turnaround, consistent quality and digitizing experience has made us the preferred digitizer of the promotional products industry


Our Services

Logo Digitizing

High quality, production ready digitized logos for embroidery. We provide basic embroidery (up to 5k stitches), flat embroidery (5K-10K stitches) and full back embroidery (20k+ stitches).

3D Puff Digitizing

3D Puff Digitizing is very popular for embroidering logos on caps and backpacks. It makes the design look more prominent because of its elevated 3D look, created using puffy foam material.

Applique Digitizing

Professional and experienced applique digitizing to make your designs look creative and stylish. In this digitizing, we can minimize the stitch count by sewing fabric pieces with registration and guide line.

Custom Patches

High quality custom sports patches, police patches, school patches and military patches for embroidery on all kinds of materials, made with clear outline and balanced stitches and density.

Chenille Digitizing

A textured embroidery format created using heavy loops of thread; sewn with wool, cotton, or acrylic yarn to create emblems, logos and patches mostly for letterman and varsity jackets.

Photo Embroidery

Yes, it is possible to convert your photo into embroidery! With its real life look and lower stitch count possibilities, photo embroidery is in great demand among embroiderers and apparel decorators.

How It Works

Our Process

CAMERAReadyArt enables the artwork workflow through its proprietary cloud-based order workflow suite. With this state-of-the-art online art production management system, we have solved coordination issues among the distributors, the artists and suppliers along with improving delivery efficiency.

The system allows our partners and clients to quickly place orders, request revisions and corrections, download and store orders. The system further allows users to request quotes for different types of digitally prepaid services and convert them into live orders easily.

Built and rewired over the span of the last 20 years, this robust system manages the on demand artwork needs of distributors, suppliers and decorators. The system consolidates the power of:

  • Easy and Free Registration.
  • Manages 20,000+ distributors, 250+ suppliers and 50+ decorator accounts.
  • Quick quote requests and ability to convert quotes into orders.
  • On the go order submission, request revisions and corrections.
  • Real time order tracking.
  • Secured cloud order storage.
  • Invoice statements and payment status.
  • Chat support.

Why CRA Matters


With an experience of 20 years, CAMERAReadyart is the most dependable digitizing embroidery partner to the promotional products industry.


A dedicated team of highly skilled digitizing embroidery artists long tenured with us all at your fingertips.


24 hours delivery standard on most of the digitizing projects with same-day rush delivery in as fast as 1-4 hours with 100% accuracy.


US based support team aligned with an offshore delivery centre to efficiently manage challenging digitizing requests and sizable artwork volume.


USA customer service teams ready to assist on your next digitizing project or address any issues in real time without email back and forth.


Experienced team converting complex designs into high quality production-ready format, all made by hands, no auto-tracing or scans.


Best, affordable rates based upon stitch count, embroidery method and turn-around time, along with PowerClub discounts and flat rates to avert competition.


Efficiently manage your digitizing quote requests, new orders and order storage through our state-of-the-art online art production management system.

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Engagement Models

Balancing cost, quality and delivery time is a customary challenge for every promotional products distributor, supplier and decorator. CAMERAReadyArt offers flexible artwork and creative design pricing models that include a single-use, bundled and volume-based dedicated art-teams as a solution. Each of the following engagement models are built around specific business-preferences and aim to increase production capacities and efficiency.


Professional, high-quality Artwork and Creative design services available on-demand. Our proprietary cloud-based order workflow suite enables our clients to quickly place their orders, request revisions and corrections, download and store orders.

This model allows companies to have access to highly-skilled artists and designers. The pricing in this model is determined based on the creative or non-creative requisites of the order and the turn-around-time required.

Why Prepaid:
  • Pay per order or buy a package
  • Dedicated support team
  • Standard 24 hour or less and rush 4 hour delivery
  • CRA-defined workflow
  • CRA-defined delivery model
  • Off-load artwork overflow
  • Power Club members and special partners pricing
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Hiring, training, and retraining is a constant challenge faced by most art departments. With increasing staffing overheads and demanding customers, it's become problematic to control production, quality output and cost of the production at the same time.

CAMERAReadyArt provides you with your very own dedicated team of highly skilled and experienced artists. An extension of your staff all at your fingertips allowing for substantial savings, controlled production and scalable work-force availability.

Why Dedicated:
  • Pay a flat-price or per month
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Standard 12 hour and 4 hour rush delivery
  • Client-defined workflow
  • Client-specific delivery model
  • Scale up artwork production
  • Flat-price model and monthly, bi-monthly pricing
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