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Whether you are planning to get started or promote any product/service online, we can help you leverage paid ads to amplify your actions and reach more conversions. At CAMERAReadyArt, we follow a data-driven, customer-focused approach for geographically targeted ad placement - a right message on the right medium and for the right audience. Our methods are cost-effective, measurable and omnichannel to deliver consistent branded experience across all mediums. Based upon in-depth keyword research, we set up targeted search engine marketing campaigns backed with high-performance creative ads which helps our clients meet their paid search goals.


Our Services

Google Search Ads

Overthrow organic competition by leveraging search ads. We help you set-up geographically targeted ad campaigns for specific goals like brand awareness, promoting new products or special offers.

Google Shopping Ads

Best PPC method available for ecommerce and promo-products biz. Google shopping ads present a “window-shopping” feel and offer a sneak peek of your product, the price, and your company name.

Display Ads

Interactive advertising format to reach customers interested in your product or services. These ads appear on Google’s partner websites and target people who visited websites similar to your own.

Remarketing Ads

Retargeting ads provides a greater chance to chase your potential customers. We create and optimize ads for Google Display Network and elsewhere, where we can find your lost audience.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads proved to be equally successful as search ads. Focused strategies, detailed targeting and captivating visuals can immediately bring high ROI and sales.

Instagram Ads

With 1 billion+ users, Instagram is becoming another popular ad platform for businesses to reach their target audience, boost brand awareness and drive website traffic.

How It Works

Our Process



Through analytics, social listening and old-fashioned research, our experts create audience segments based upon their interest, online behaviour etc. This targeting helps us with channel selection, define ad strategy, create ad copies and plan budget.



Next is to set-up ad account. We carefully set goals, select audience groups, set campaign budget and timeline. Important is to create visually stunning banner ads - static banner ads, animated GIF banners and responsive HTML5 ad banners.



Post campaign launch, we consistently monitor the performance of ads. With time, we see a trend within your ads that highlight high-performing ads and low-performing ads. Where ads are underperforming, we identify areas for improvements and make necessary adjustments.



We continuously monitor KPIs against set benchmarks and measure performance against a campaign’s goals. We regularly report performance of our campaigns - goal is keep improving, maximise our advertising reach and shift spend to higher-performing channels if needed.


Why CRA Matters

Multi-channel Exposure

Every advertising channel is unique and demands different expertise. Our team of certified ads experts knows how to strategize, creating campaigns and optimising bids for every digital advertising channel.

Ad Agency

Our full-service advertising agency can support you in all of your online advertising needs. We offer all-inclusive digital marketing support for SEO, social media & email marketing to support your business digital needs.

Data-driven Strategies

In-depth understanding of customer data decides the outcome of paid ads campaigns. Conversions can only happen when ads reach the right audience in the right way and at the right time.


The first thing the audience connects with is your ad visuals and copy used. Ad needs to be creative, communicable and simple enough to advocate your message without any confusion.


As we progress, we seamlessly optimize budgets and shift allocations as needed. We treat your budget like our own, spend intelligently, do everything to maximize return and impact of your digital campaign.

Measurable Performance

Deciphering ad performance against set goals helps polishing up keyword lists, optimizing campaigns and refreshing creative Important is how frequently you measure these and what corrective actions you adapt.

we've got you covered

Engagement Models

Achieving higher clicks, conversion and sales is what every tech-enabled business and digital marketing agencies aspire for their customers. CAMERAReadyArt offers flexible short-term & long-term project based pricing models for your digital marketing campaigns and a dedicated team of certified paid ads experts as an agency solution.


Paid search, social, display and retargeting ads creation and campaign execution services available on-demand. This model works best when you have a specific purpose-driven paid advertising campaign to execute in a timely, cost effective manner and you prefer to pay on a per project basis. This model allows access to certified paid ads, the pricing of which is based upon the agreed campaign goals and the turn-around-time required.

Why Prepaid:
  • Pay per project or per campaign
  • Dedicated paid ads experts and support teams
  • CRA-defined workflow
  • CRA-defined delivery model
  • Power Club members and special partners pricing
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