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Optimizing your website for search engines is an essential for your digital marketing strategy and success. By bringing together code, content, and context, CAMERAReadyArt crafts effective SEO strategies for higher rankings in search and optimized website visibility. We combine both on-site optimizations and off-site initiatives, all in accordance with Google and other search engines’ best practices. Our result-driven approach ensures you are not getting a one-size-fits-all SEO solution. When you partner with us, we work as an extension of your business to implement techniques on and off your website to increase your traffic volume, visibility, and increased conversion rates.


Our Services

SEO Audit

Our audit process covers aspects like traffic sources, meta descriptions, keyword and competitors’ analysis etc to find factors causing poor search engine rankings and nearly zero search visibility.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is important to identify exactly what your audience is searching online. Our analysis of keyword’s average monthly search volume and cost per click bid, gets you ROI-driven keyword strategy.

Local SEO

From Google My Business creation, optimization, to conversion tracking and geo-tagging, we ensure your business is ready for customers who are looking for you online - by your location.

Technical SEO

Search engines love optimized websites! We make sure to fix everything from HTML, CSS related issues, meta tags, indexing, sitemaps, linking, making it easier for search engine robots to crawl the website.

Promo-Products SEO

Promo-products website SEO requires a different approach, given the huge number of products. Our holistic approach ensures your products are visible and drives high volume traffic to your website.

Full Website SEO

Comprehensive full website optimization that includes SEO audit & analysis, analytics integration, on-page optimization, technical fixes, link building and content optimization.

How It Works

Our Process


Audit &

Using multifaceted tools, we research upon your audience, their demographics, what they are looking for and what your competitors are doing. Our audit process covers code, site, page structure and content to identify opportunities and create a blueprint for future work.


Campaign Strategy

Based upon analysis and keyword research, we define a channel-specific strategy aligned with your business goals. The strategy will define on-page and technical activities, content optimization needs and will define benchmarks to measure success.


Website Optimization

Your website needs to be ready for higher rankings, conversion and engagement. We ensure to fix all technical issues, optimize tags, meta-description, create sitemaps, schema mark-up and content optimization as a part of our standard website optimization process.



Studying analytics is an essential to find the effectiveness of your activities, against the set goals. We don't hide the fact that SEO takes time, rather we show what ranking and visibility elevation we have achieved. Measuring a campaign’s KPIs can optimize the balance between organic and paid efforts.


Why CRA Matters

SEO Agency

Our comprehensive SEO packages are available at competitive pricing and covers on-page, off-page and paid ads. We’ve curated expertise and experience to deliver a result-driven SEO campaign.

Adaptive Methodologies

SEO is continuously evolving. With algorithms changing, policies getting strict and ads platforms getting more demanding, we continuously kept learning and adapting our methods and processes.

Human-centric Research

SEO is all about the people and what they are searching online. Our research is human-centric, we study their behaviour, preferences, expectations and experiences they are looking for.

Data-driven Strategies

Analytics plays an important role in defining customer-winning strategies. Study of KPI metrics like organic traffic, exit pages, bounce rates, session duration etc. are considered before formulating SEO strategy.

Patience &

SEO is a highly tedious, competitive process which requires a lot of patience to achieve desired results. Our experience taught us to strictly adhere to SEO techniques and Search Engine Algorithms.

Measurable Performance

Success of SEO campaigns can be measured through rankings, organic vs. paid traffic, impressions, bounce rate etc. Important is how frequently you measure these and what corrective actions you adapt.

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Engagement Models

Achieving higher ranking and website visibility is what every tech-enabled business and digital marketing agencies aspire for their customers. CAMERAReadyArt offers flexible short-term & long-term project based pricing models for your website and a dedicated team of SEO experts as an agency solution.


On-page, local, technical or a full website SEO services available on-demand. This model works best when you have a specific website or a purpose-driven SEO activity to execute in a timely, cost effective manner and you prefer to pay on a per project basis. This model allows access to experienced SEO experts, the pricing of which is based upon the agreed optimization activity and the turn-around-time required.

Why Prepaid:
  • Pay per project or per campaign
  • Dedicated SEO experts and support teams
  • CRA-defined workflow
  • CRA-defined delivery model
  • Power Club members and special partners pricing
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