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Social Media is THE thing and you need to be active on all social media platforms and need to know exactly what works and what doesn’t for your business. With compelling content, branded creatives and strategic distribution across the right channels, social media can be a great growth hack to influence and connect with targeted audiences. Driven by user-research, trends monitoring and consistent content, CAMERAReadyArt offers custom and creative social media marketing techniques that seamlessly connects your brand with its audience. Our results-driven concepts and paid campaigns can drive new leads and visitors to your website and help them convert.


Our Services

Social Media Activation

Connect with your audience on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn with clean, functional design elements blended with relevant content and targeted social campaigns.

Social Media Advertising

Promote your products and services with targeted paid social advertising campaigns. You can distribute your ads directly in the Facebook and Instagram feeds of your potential customers.

Profile & Creatives Production

We design innovative social media profiles and cover images to go with branding guidelines. Our experienced designers can create intuitive creatives as part of content strategy.

Content Creation & Curation

Every business has a story to tell and we help them in creating authentic personalized content, relevant curation and dynamic creatives that connect with the audience and drive engagement.

Campaign Management

We provide advert campaigns to attract targeted audiences and bring you more business. We break it down into finding the right audience for you and then execute a successful social media campaign.

Community Management

Community management is all about using different opportunities to interact with your audience to create a network of people who love to connect, ask questions, learn, grow and flourish.

How It Works

Our Process



Using multifaceted tools, we research upon your audience, their demographics, what they are looking for and what content they are sharing. Our study covers competitors' analysis, their interactions with followers’ to formulate a channel-specific customer winning strategy.



Each social media platform is unique and offers a competitive marketing ecosystem. Our social discovery ensures that your business selects the best suitable platform and furthermore content is created or curated to appear optimized for that platform.


& Curation

Content drives the success of social media. Our compelling copywriting, story-driven posts and click-worthy ads engage followers and create leads. We create original content and curate captivating information, which keeps your audience engaged and makes them respond.



Studying insights is an essential to find the effectiveness of your activities and campaigns, against the set goals. Reporting helps improve audience targeting, content policies and the interaction frequency. Measuring a campaign’s KPIs can optimize the balance between organic and paid efforts.


Why CRA Matters

Multi-channel Exposure

Social media is dynamic, with algorithms upgrades, UI/UX changes and users switching between platforms, it's a new opportunity and a challenge everyday. CAMERAReadyArt has expertise for each social media platform, can think strategically, create intuitive content and craft inviting creatives.

Audience-first Approach

Social media is impacted by audiences and their reaction to organic and paid content. In everything we do, we remain focused upon the audience, what they are searching for, what content they are liking and sharing and what drives them to become a loyal customer to your brand.

Creative Capabilities

What drives growth on social media is engaging, click-worthy content and creatives - it can get people interested, connect and build a loyal followers base. We do both strategic creation and curation, aligned with channel type, current trends and audience interests.

Organic vs.

The success mantra here is a balance between organic vs paid route to engage customers with an objective of conversion into leads and business. We maintain a holistic approach across organic and paid social media methods to meet your brand and business objectives.

Data-driven Decisions

Insights into your audience, their actions and content is the most important part of social media management. What strategy works on Facebook, might not work on Twitter. We continuously monitor your channel and consumer insights and keep adapting audience targeting to remain ‘most likeable.

Comprehensive Solutions

We offer tailor-made digital marketing solutions, from conceptualization to execution. Our teams are well versed with different digital marketing platforms and formats to offer personalized experiences for every user, at every touch point through omni-channel approach.

we've got you covered

Engagement Models

Achieving better engagement, brand visibility and followers is what every tech-enabled business and digital marketing agencies aspire for their customers. CAMERAReadyArt offers flexible short-term & long-term project based pricing models for social media management and a dedicated team of SMM experts as an agency solution.


Profile optimization, creatives production and paid advertising campaign management services available on-demand. This Project-based model works best when you are working on your own brand and prefer to pay on a per project basis. This model allows access to highly-creative designers and social media experts, the pricing of which is based upon the agreed campaign goals and the turn-around-time required.

Why Prepaid:
  • Pay per project or per campaign
  • Dedicated SMM experts and support teams
  • CRA-defined workflow
  • CRA-defined delivery model
  • Power Club members and special partners pricing
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